Loans for dentists

Need a dentist loan? Something that can seriously cause toothache is the expensive dental bill. That’s why at Good Finance you can take out a loan for a dentist. You can borrow up to DKK 15,000 in the form of a credit. Our application process only takes a few minutes and there are no foundation costs or hidden fees.

Furthermore, we always offer our first-time customers to loan to a dentist for 30 days interest-free and fee-free. Of course, if your loan period extends longer, the first month is still free. Read on Good Finance what our other customers write about us. Click on our loan calculator to get started with your dentist loan.

  • Borrowed DKK 15,000 free for 30 days
  • No fees
  • No foundation costs
  • Quick and easy online application



You may have long thought about hurting a canine? We all know that a visit to the dentist means only one thing. Money needs out of pocket – and it’s not always money you have available. At Good Finance, we believe that no one should opt out of dental treatment based on lack of room for maneuver in the economy. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer you attractive loan options to finance the dental bill. 



At Good Finance, you can be approved for a dentist loan before visiting the dental clinic. This will happen in just a few minutes, and if you apply for a loan during our business hours, you will have the money in your account within 3 hours. This avoids having to cover the costs of the dental bill yourself. If, over the next 30 days, you should get air into the economy and have the opportunity to pay off your dentist loan quickly, the loan will be free. With us, you get rid of everything called interest and fees, which first loans for the first 30 days.

Flexible loan for a dentist


Our dental loan is offered online and is a credit that you can pay off at your convenience. So it is entirely up to you whether you want to pay off your loan as small monthly payments or as one total installment. In fact, if you choose to pay off your loan as small monthly payments, you can only pay interest only so that you are at least secured against repayers.

Loans over several laps

Does your dentist loan run multiple times? No problem. For example, if only need £ 3,000 now for the first treatment, and if you have to have another treatment in a month, in the meantime there is no need to pay unnecessary interest and fees. With our loan to a dentist you can have a credit of up to DKK 15,000 available. You decide for yourself how much credit up to the DKK 15,000 you want and of course you only pay interest for the outstanding amount – day by day. It is entirely up to you to assess the amount of time you need to pay off the credit. All of this happens on your online customer profile that you get assigned when you create your dentist loan. Here you can access the loan around the clock. Increase your loan up to credit limit.



Do You Need A Dentist Loan Now And Here? Our application process is quick and easy, and contains just 3 simple steps. You will receive your application within minutes and will then be financially able to pay your dental bill. The 3 steps to setting up your loan are as follows:

Registration. From our front page at Good Finance you can fill out a simple application form. First, select the amount you need for your dentist loan. If your loan application is approved, the exact amount of the loan will be transferred to your account. In order to process your loan application, we also need you to fill in a few details about yourself. Information like CPR number, email, mobile number, bank details and your monthly salary payment.

Confirm with Good Finance. We can quickly and easily obtain the necessary information that we need to use to make a credit assessment of you by confirming your information through Good Finance.

Add debit card. Finally, enter the card number for your debit card. By registering your debit card, you ensure that interest is automatically deducted from your loan every month, as a minimum. This way you avoid sending expensive reminders and you do not even have to remember the monthly payment date.

Once the application is completed

Once you have completed the above 3 steps to create a loan for a dentist, there are only waiting for answers. You will soon be contacted by our customer service via telephone, which will confirm or confirm whether you have been approved for your loan. As the loan goes through, you get assigned your personal customer profile. After approval, you will be asked to log in to your profile and sign the loan contract. To increase security, we ask you to sign with your Good Finance, which ensures that you are the person receiving the money. As soon as the contract is signed, the money will immediately be sent to your bank account. It is also on your customer profile that you have a complete overview of your loan situation at all times. This is where you can pay off your loan, raise the loan limit and apply for an extension.

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